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Can I visit Italy in 2022? what to know about rules and restrictions as from 1st of April

Can visitors come to Italy for tourism in this year 2022? the answer is yes!

Here a few infos about rules and restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic which apply as of April 1st.

Public Transportation

To board inter-regional trains and ships and domestic aircraft, on the italian national territory, the so-called “Green Pass base” is required (valid vaccination or recovery certificate, or alternatively, negative Covid test within past 48 hours for rapid antigen test or 72 hours for PCR test).

No certification needed for local transportation like buses, metro and regional ferry, ship or train.

Wearing of FFP2 face masks is mandatory on all kind of public transportation until April 30th.

Hotels and Accomodation

No certifcation required.


No certification needed for outdoor dining in restaurants and bars; indoor dining requires the “green pass base” until April 30th. As of May 1st no more pass will be required anymore.

Hotel indoor dinig: no certification required if you are a hotel guest.

Visit of Museums and Archeological Sites

No certification required.

Indoor spectacles like in theatres, cinemas and indoor dancing clubs

The socalled “Green Pass rafforzato” (vaccination or recovery) is required until April 30th. Wearing of FFP2 face masks is mandatory too. As of May 1st no certification will be needed to access these establishments.

Outdoor events and spectacles

The “Green pass base” certification is required to access until April 30th. As of May 1st no certification required.

All kind of shops

No more certification required.


Are face masks mandatory indoors?

Yes, until April 30th. No face mask is required outdoors. Wearing of FFP2 face masks is mandatory on all kind of public transportation until April 30th.

Where can I take a rapid antigen test valid 48 hours for the “Green Pass base” certification?

You can take the test in most pharmacies, the cost is 15 euros.

Can I wear a surgical or fabric face mask on public transportation in Italy?

No, until April 30th it is mandatory to wear FFP2 masks.

Do these rules apply to children?

Covid certification and mask rules apply to everyone above 12 years old. Children under 12 are exempted.

Will these rules apply next summer 2022 too?

All the above mentioned restriction will end as of May 1st, no face masks or certification will be required even for indoor activities.

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