The accomodation we offer differs from the usual hotel or bed and breakfast standards in some of its features, you may love these differences and they may or may not be exactly what you are looking for. For example, our location is set slightly off the beaten usual tourist paths here in La Spezia, and another feature is that we don’t have TV.

Our formula is “room only”, breakfast is not provided (but Guests can prepare it on their own) and cooking is not possible and not allowed, beacuse there is no kitchen.

We desire all our Guests to be happy with their stay and leave satisfied, but we are not all the same obviously, people have different needs and expectations. Therefore, to avoid disappointments, (it is not nice to realize that you spent money without getting what you expected) and avoid us complaints (and bad reviews) due to misunderstandings, please read this page before booking, thank you.

Why should you choose to stay with the Terrazza con l’Ulivo guesthouse in Cadimare, La Spezia?

  • You value privacy and tranquillity. You will be the only Guest, because we rent only one room. So no other people around. We live upstairs but will not disturb you in any case, we too value privacy and tranquillity
  • You appreciate spectacular seaviews. You will have one of the best views on the Gulf you can imagine, but without being too far away from the bus stop, the main road and the village of Cadimare where you can find good restaurants and a small bakery/grocery store. Need to rest? Simply spend time on the terrace enjoying the view.
  • You appreciate stay off the beaten tracks. We are not in the town center, where all tourists search for an accomodation in La Spezia. Sure, you will be near to train station staying in the center, but why do not explore other unusual places too? you can still get to the train station in 15 minutes by car or bus.
  • Your pet is travelling with you. We accept pets (only 1 cat or dog) with a little daily fee (5 euro). Just ask us before booking.
  • You will not stress yourself for parking. Our house is set on a small residential dead-end street, with a few houses. You will always find place for your car, and it’s free of charge.
  • You are an indipendent traveller. If you do not like to have schedules to respect while on vacation, and be independent, our accommodation is for you. If you wish, you can prepare your own breakfast in your room, or go down to the village and have it at the bar, at the time that suits you best. No one will stress you out of bed because breakfast is available only in the early morning, while you want to rest.
  • You don’t want to pay for additional fees. Everything is included in your stay, at checkin you will not have to pay for anything else except for the local tourist tax (this does not apply to Airbnb guests for whom the tax is included).
la terrazza con l'ulivo guesthouse la spezia
Private terrace with seaview

Why NOT choose to stay with us.

  • You wish or need to cook during your stay. If you expect to be able to cook a full meal, I’m sorry but we can’t satisfy you: we rent a room, not an apartment. There is no stove, sink or oven, no full kitchen. Cooking with electric or gas appliances other then the ones present in the room, is not allowed.
breakfast facilities
  • You’re interested in watching TV. We don’t have television by choice, that we live in the same house and haven’t watched TV in years, so it’s not even there for guests. Not having TV also implies that in the evening there is more silence to respect the rest of all. If you have to watch TV on holiday at all costs, our accommodation is not good for you.
  • Your priority is to be close to the train station to reach the Cinque Terre, or to all the “services” a town centere can offer. If you prefer to have the train station, bars and restaurants, shops behind the front door, it is better to look for accommodation in the city center. We are in a “off the beaten tourist track” area, about 6 km from the La Spezia center and the station (see the exact location where we are).
  • You expect breakfast served in the morning. For all the reasons described above, we do not offer this service, which would require for us to have a special license to serve food (mostly packaged one) so we do not believe that it is worth it, not a gain for us nor our customers. Most hotels and other accommodation facilities offer this service, if it is essential to you.

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